Agreements have been signed for experimentation of the Nefocast project in several schools in Tuscany. The Metropolitan City of Florence, the Municipality of Impruneta and the Municipality of Scandicci have given the go-ahead for their schools to be involved in activities within the project.

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The Nefocast Meteorological Services Center will be tested via a campaign of measurements to validate the model and the algorithms implemented. Schools from the entire Tuscany region will participate in the experimentation campaign, each of which will host a Smart LNB terminal on its roof and in some cases also a rain gauge. The schools in the Florence area will play a fundamental role as they are arranged in a geographic network designed to obtain the most reliable results. A meteorological radar will also be employed. Its measurements will be used in validating those obtained by the Nefocast Meteorological Services Center.

The experimentation will also allow students to learn more about the project, as well as access the maps and the experimental data, and be in direct contact with the researchers involved in the project via seminars and lessons that will be held in each school of the network. Twenty schools in the Florence Metropolitan area and ten schools from other Tuscan provinces will take part in the experimentation. Each school will help to collect valuable data for the experimentation.

In each of the schools involved in the experimentation campaign, seminars and meetings with the project researchers will be organized . These seminars will be used to explain to students the working principle of the Nefocast Meteorological Services Center and will be an important opportunity to explore important topics related to meteorology and telecommunications.

Students from schools in the project will also have the opportunity to access the data collected throughout the entire project network during the whole experiment phase. They can autonomously consult the data of the individual sensors and use a specially designed user interface to visualize the rainfall pattern estimated by the measurement systems.